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If you are in the field of web hosting and want to more about web hosting, then you are at the right place. This article is a comprehensive guide to the WP Engine Web Hosting Review. The review that will going to read you is completely unbiased. So, take a look below and find the best-unbiased review on WP Engine Web Hosting.

What is WP Engine Web Hosting?

I know the majority of readers are those who have been in this field for ages, but few are those who do not have an idea about WP Engine Web Hosting. For all those who do not know about the idea of WP Engine Web Hosting then keep reading till the end of this article, so you will easily clear your confusion.

WP Engine is a WordPress specifically for web hosts, it offers and manages plans that are entirely optimized for the specific platform. Without any doubt when we compare WP Engine Web Hosting to the other WordPress hosts, then to be very honest the plans of WP engines are not low. Furthermore, you will want to know whether the WP Engine Web Hosting service is worth enough or not the cost before making any decision to purchase. Think first, investigate, and then purchase. Follow the setting.

WP Engine Hosting Plans

The is WP Engine Web Hosting is only giving word press hosting. So, the managed plans of word press have numerous hosting options which are given below.

Managed hosting

The environment of managed hosting is perfect for blogs, articles, and for small businesses as well.

Managed Hosting Plus

Manages hosting plans comprising updates of the automated plugin tested and tried with AI including 3rd party plugins.

Secure Hosting

The secure hosting additionally provides the layers of security layers with DDoS protection and a website firewall as well.

E-commerce Hosting

Economic hosting is also called the woo commerce hosting, it comes with strong e-commerce templates, store search, and much more.

Managed hosting, Managed Hosting Plus, Secure Hosting, and E-commerce Hosting are all of the single hosting available with five different levels. The five levels are Startup, Professional, Growth plan, Scale, and Custom. The plan of custom also comprises priority support, the success of the customer, and dedicated server dev environments.

Advanced Security Features

There are also advanced features of the WP Engine Web Hosting. The WP Engine also provides a huge number of the security features of premium. The core of WordPress is mechanically updated to the latest and advanced version for you.

WP engine keenly tests any main core updates before promoting their customers. In other words, we can say that they have a private interruption prevention and detection system to block any malware, brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, injection attacks, JavaScript/SQL and much more.

WP engine also a great partner of the security of third-party firms to conduct usually reviews of code and security audits as well. Do not worry, your privacy and security are confidential, so in case if your WP engine get hacked the WP engine would fix this problem for free.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Even speedy Loading

WP Engine offers a great number of best features. One of the best features which offers by WP Engine is a content delivery network, it is also known as CDN. Content delivery network (CDN) makes a partnership with the Max CDN and together they are making their hosting service even much faster and speedy. Here let me tell you one interesting thing that content delivery network (CDN) is incorporated for free of cost with all the hosting plans of WP engine. Yes, it is a very great benefit and in this manner there is a huge saving on the cost as well.

Money Back Guarantee

WP Engine provides a great money back guarantee offer. When it comes to money back guarantee then WP engine is very generous, yes, they give their customers sixty days of money back guarantee. In case if you are not satisfied with their performance, and services, then do not panic. At any time, you could cancel your WP engine account under the days of sixty. Not only you can cancel the account however you can be able to get your refund back. Yes, I know this is something amazing. Because the satisfaction of the customers is their first priority. Furthermore, the guarantee applies only in order to the yearly billing plans.

36+ Premium WordPress Themes

Recently the WP Engine developed the famous premium of word press theme company knows as studio press. Till now all the premium 36 + studio press themes, and the most popular genesis system is accessible in order to all the customers of the WP Engine free free free.

The framework of genesis is also famous for the great performance and DEO friendly themes. The codes are augmented for the greatest loading page times without any issues in the functionality.

Yes, you have read it right, you got all these best well coded and good-looking themes without any additional prices. All the things are under two thousand dollars.

Customer support and service

WP Engine has a devoted team support of the word press experts. They are confident in their customer service and support. They claim more then 97% customer support and satisfaction with million interactions of their customers almost every day.

The customer support system is available 24/7 through the support of live chat or their customers. The availability of the phone support is also available every time and with all the plans besides start up plan. In case if an issue cannot be able to resolve through live chat, then the staff would make an internal support ticket for their customer.

The customers of enterprise always get access to ticket support through email. Enterprise customers and Premium customers get an onboarding experience consultative one-on-one too.

WP Engine Performance Tests

The newbies of the WP engine have a bling trust on our reviews because we only suggest services and products that we first try and test by ourselves. We sign up for every single best word press hosting company in order to deeply test their promises with our personal industry standard tests. In order to check the performance of the WP engine we created a word press on WP engine and using the default thirty-seven theme, filled the website with all the copy data, consisting of images ad media. So, in this way the test site behaved and looked like a real average word press site.

WP Engine Speed Test Results

Afterward setting up the site of test, firstly we ran the test of speed then used the Pingdom tool. We verified our samples site on the servers of the WP Engine.

The site of test crowded in half a second it means less than a minute. Bearing in mind that we did not want to install any specific performance optimization the results in pretty good.

WP Engine Stress Test

The next in our list is WP engine stress test. We desperately wanted in order to check that how servers of WP Engine react under the crowd traffic. In order to measure this, we used a specific too known as K6 previously it is called load impact. Slowly we built up almost 100 specific visitors at a time in order to see how the server would behave in rise requests from different connections at one time.

Frequently Asked Questions About WP Engine

This is the best and most knowledgeable art of any website. We are responding to our user questions about word press hosting for so long. Following are the most asked questions by the customers.

1: Is WP Engine a shared hosting company?

The answer is no it is not. WP Engine is not a shared hosting company at all. They do not even provide services like to share hosting plans. WP Engine is an achieved word press hosting company providing specific solutions of the word press hosting.

2: What is coped WordPress hosting?

Coped WordPress hosting is just like the service of caretaker for your word press website. Word press is a very powerful content of website builder and management system. Managed and coped up hosting companies propose an optimized solution where they great care of backups, updates, caching, security and much more. All these things leave you with the time that you could then devote on growing your business. The managed word press hosting is somewhat more costly than shared hosting plans, not much more but we can say that slightly more costly.

3: Is your money worth if you spend on WP engine?

The simple and basic answer is Yes, WP Engine is worth your money. Particularly if your business has enlarged restrictions of shared VPS plans and services hosting then in that case WP engine is perfect upgrade option. It permits you in order to easily handle security, updates and scale your site as your business build up.

4: Where are Servers of WP Engine Located?

The engine of WP uses Amazon Web Servers, Google Cloud servers as their data centers. This permits you in order to choose data centers in the Europe, north America and pacific / Asia.

5: WP Engine provision WordPress multisite?

Yes, the WP Engine provision word press multisite but as a paid attachment for the scale and growth plans. However, it does not provision word press multisite for the start up plans. It is comprised in the plans of custom for the enterprise and agency clients.

6: Is it possible that I get a refund and cancel WP Engine hosting?

Yes, you get a refund, and you can easily cancel hosting service if you find this is not suitable for you at any time from the dashboard of your account.  They give the complete refund under the days of 60. But this is only for those who have pre-paid yearly pricing.

7: Which plan of WP Engine hosting is perfect for me?

Well, if you are hosting only one website then you could sign up for the start up plan. But, if you have an active website or want in order to manage more than one installation, then you could select scale or growth plans.

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