It is a great honor for the Flywheel that it is the only one-word press host that is officially superscribed by the word press. Org. But the question that arises is does this is sufficient in order to sign up to the flywheel. So, the answer would be in the following review which is based on the flywheel web hosting.

Flywheel Web Hosting Review:

Following is the comprehensive review of flywheel web hosting, and this review clears your confusion I bet. By reading carefully the review you will get your answer in order to find out if is it fine to log in to your word press with the flywheel web hosting. Or is it sufficient in order to fulfill all of your needs?

What is flywheel web hosting?

The flywheel is a company of web hosting that offers the solutions of word press hosting for web developers, web designers, and creative agencies as well. The company of flywheel web hosting offers fast and reliable speed performance want in order to make sure that your site runs smoothly.

Flywheel web hosting company was developed in the year of 2012 and still,, it continues in order to grow as a leading company of word press web hosting in the development industry of vast web. The purpose of creating the Flywheel web hosting company was in order to provide word press developers and designers throughout the world with quality and reliable service of web hosting. Flywheel web hosting not only offers you with the services of hosting however it also creates simple and basic for you in order to make a site from scratch by using the only one click staging features and it’s without of cost demo websites.

Blueprints of flywheel web hosting:

Blueprints is a fundamental and best feature if you get a standard theme, design, or a complete set of plugins you are using with the majority of your site. You could easily able to create a Blueprint of any one of your word press sites that secure all the settings. Moreover, if you are creating a new word press site, then the blueprints would permit you in order to faster apply your settings of pre-configuration. You could do it simply from the dashboard of the flywheel with zero any additional setup want.

Staging Environments of the flywheel web hosting:

Developers or avid WordPress users will love this feature. It allows you to effectively make a copy of your live website, make changes to it, and only apply the new settings to your live website when you’re happy with it. This will minimize downtime as well as help ensure you don’t break your existing site.

Collaborators of the flywheel web hosting:

Flywheel web hosting creates it very simple and basic in order to add collaborators to your site. This is specifically interesting for the agencies and the freelancers. As it could be able in order to used to sum clients to the projects, creating them part of the success. You could only require in order to offer the collaborations email address and that would have their own logins.

Organizations of the flywheel web hosting:

Flywheel web hosting also provides you the capability in order to set up an organization dashboard. This is just the same as the team portal, where your team and you could able in order to manage more than one website. Furthermore, the activity feed permits you in order to simply keep up in order to date with the progress of everyone.

Cloning of flywheel web hosting:

Cloning is the latest and advanced feature provided by the flywheel web hosting that permits you in order to make an actual copy of a site. This might sound like a blueprint I know right. However, the variation is that you literally clone the complete site. Then you could either sum the clone in order to bulk the website plan or you could use it as a sample for the latest one. With blueprints, you could only secure the settings or re-use this later. The clone in the flywheel web hosting is very beneficial and useful in that case if you need in order to base the other site entirely on an already existing one and create tweaks later.

Backups of the flywheel web hosting:

Flywheel web hosting would create nightly backups of your sites and keep these secure for one month. You could also create backups by yourself also and restore them at any time where ever you want. It has no specific time. In that manner, you have the great capability in order to choose between an entire restoration or single restoring the files or databases. The database is severely simple to use with the dashboard-style of trademark flywheel.

Cloud Platform of flywheel web hosting:

Delivering the claims in order to do things a little bit variously, the flywheel has leveraged the platform the google cloud in order to make the infrastructure of the cloud for their customers.

With different technologies for instance auto-healing sites, fly cache, instant scaling, and without any cost of the global content delivery network (CDN). Flywheel web hosting claims in order to offer the best performance and the greater level of server availability.

WordPress Migration of flywheel web hosting:

The flywheel offers without any cost the service of website migration that you could request while the process of sign up. The migration takes two to three business days, however, you could speed it up for the extra rate.

The team would fundamentally make a version of the flywheel of your personal site for you. Because they could make this exact copy during you are still hosting the original, you do not have to make your site down to migrate it.

One-Click WordPress Install of flywheel web hosting:

The installation of word press would be ready for you simultaneously right after you have registered. So, in this manner, you could initiate editing the template and adding content right away.

Website caching of the flywheel web hosting:

In the flywheel web hosting it polish caching optimized for the site of Word Press.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) of flywheel web hosting:

All the plans of flywheel web hosting now comprise the use of the quicker Content Delivery Network ( CDN) with no extra charge at all.

PHP of flywheel web hosting:

7.2 PHP is standard on the advanced and latest Flywheel Word Press sites. There is zero option in order to change manually the version of PHP.

HTTP/2.0 of flywheel web hosting:

HTTP/ 2.0 is Available for all kinds of websites that are hosted by Flywheel, furthermore, they also are using a certificate of SSL.

SSL Certificate of flywheel web hosting:

In the flywheel, there is a Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt available or you could use your personal certificate.

SFTP of the flywheel web hosting:

Keep the ‘reimagined’ FTP access in order to the space of your web for editing and uploading files through the choice of your client.

The server file manager of flywheel web hosting:

No, any online manager, only FTP access is available in order to the server space.

Database access of the flywheel web hosting:

With the help of a custom database manager ya site MYSQL is available.

Email service of flywheelweb hosting:

There is no any service of email is available in any of the plans of flywheelweb hosting. Whereas on the other hand the services of G suite are highly suggested.

Plugin restrictions of flywheel web hosting:

Specific plugins are strictly not allowed. Such as some backups, security, caching, and regarding plugins costs that could severely affect the performance of the site.

Security measures of fly wheel web hosting:

For the purpose of security threats, hacking attempts, and blocking of malware, pro-active scanning is available.

Post-hack clean-up services of flywheel web hosting:

In case if your website is hacked during hosted by the flywheel web hosting then in that case they would fix it out without any cost.

Datacenter locations of the flywheel web hosting:

Websites are hosted in any one of the five data centers which are located in the Canada, United States of America, the European Union, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Dashboard of flywheel web hosting:

The dashboard of flywheel web hosting deserves mention. At every single step in the progress, the forward way is always intuitive and crystal clear. The design of the dashboard is straightforward and modern With the most essential functions are highlighted. In the dashboard of the flywheel web hosting it may be not all the features of cPanel included however it also it is not dated looking or bloated.

One time login of the flywheel web hosting:

Have you ever feel hassled how you could have in order to log in again, again and again to the dashboard. I know right I have heard so many times the rolling of spreadsheets where you have in order to handle and manage all your customer’s accounts and the details of passwords.

Collaboration tools of flywheel web hosting:

Flywheel web hosting creates it worth in order to share your website design with the customers and the team members for the collaboration without getting in order to share your access details and passwords. This seems simple, easy, and basic I know right. So in this manner, you do not have to change the details of your password every single time since once the sharing is completed.

Billing management with clients made simple

Not like the other companies that provide hosting services, the flywheel is created keeping the perfect hosting company features for the designers and the developers of word press in the mind. In this manner, you do not bother in order to pay for your customers and they do not need in order to worry about the login to your hosting account in order to pay for the current bills of the latest and advanced developer Website.