GoDaddy is very famous in the industry of web hosting space, usually serving as website owners introduction in order to the world of web hosting. GoDaddy company creates it pretty easy and reasonable for the people in order to select the name of the domain, initiate building their online business, sign up for the hosting, and own web property.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review:

During well known for the domain of GoDaddy, shared hosting plan services, and emails. It is providing a great number of various options such as dedicated and virtual servers. Pre-built temples available with the company’s hosting simple word press providing, or upgrade in order to manage the services of word press for the huge help or support along with your online store.

What is GoDaddy web hosting???

In the year of 1984, Marine Corps, an entrepreneur and veteran Bob parsons developed and founded a service of financial software in his basement of the house. After teaching himself how in order to write computer programs. The company knows as  Parsons Technology grew so fast within a year’s under more than 1000 employee enterprises. Then Parsons sold his company to Intuit for about 65 million dollars in the year of 1994.

At the retirement of a brief attempt, parsons invented a brand new company named as Lomax technology in the year of 1997. however, soon he felt that Lomax technology, was not sufficient enough so it was concluded that the name will be replaced with big daddy, and at that time when the company found that the name of the domain was taken already, they selected GoDaddy instead.

Shared Hosting of the GoDaddy web hosting:

GoDaddy is a shared hosting packages that begin at 5.99 $ on every month via you could get it for only one dollar on every month with our special link discount. That is particularly for the economic plan which perfectly works for only one site and it comprises 100 GB of storage, 12 months of free domain registration, unmetered bandwidth, and 12 months of without any cost of Microsoft 365 email.

In this case, if you want more hosting resources or if you are interested in the features. Then GoDaddy also provides the following best shared hosting plans:


Deluxe perfectly works for unrestricted websites and comprises unlimited storage as well.


In sum to the features that are available with the Deluxe and economy plans, the Ultimate plan provides without any cost of premium DNS, a free SSL certificate for about 12 months, and processing power increasing.


With the maximum plan, you would get unrestricted SSL for all of your sites.

Word Press Hosting Plan of GoDaddy web hosting:

Following are the word press hosting plans comprised one-click migration tool, automatic security update access in order to billions of free plugins and themes, and a drop and drag page editor.


30 GB storage and bandwidth perfect for almost 25,000 on monthly visitors. Moreover, the other features comprise protection of website backup, automatic daily malware scans, a free domain for the initial term, one year of free business email, and free SSL for the whole duration of hosting.


75 GB storage and bandwidth perfect for almost 100,000 on monthly visitors. Moreover, the Extra features consist of a one-click testing site and SEO optimizer.


Unrestricted storage and bandwidth. Furthermore, includes hack repair and unlimited malware removal.


Unrestricted bandwidth and storage. You might have any idea about the name of this plan. It comprises of features for managing the store (online) for instance real-time shipping rates, unrestricted product listing, and without cost access in order to more than a dozen top extensions of woo-commerce.

Virtual Private Service (VPS) Hosting plan of GoDaddy web hosting

The options of shared hosting must work great for the majority of sites however if you have a great number of traffic you might need in order to upgrade to a solution that does not share the resources of hosting with others.

with the help of the virtual private service (VPS), you have the best power of dedicated resources at very cheap rates as compared to the real physical server. GoDaddy has the most reasonable and affordable virtual private service plans and it costs 4.99 $ every month. It comprises 1 GB of RAM, 1 CPU core, and 20 GB of SSD storage. Whereas it also might be possible that you could upgrade 16 GB of RAM, 400 GB of SSD storage, and almost 8 CPU cores.

Great Page Load Time of GoDaddy web hosting at 520 ms

The loading page time of the GoDaddy web hosting may become as a little bit of a surprise.

The test site of GoDaddy web hosting has shown the best average page loading time as cheap as 520 ms for the past one year.

Over 125+ One-Click Install Applications

GoDaddy would allow you in order to install few sturdy third-party integrations for your site. It is a fact that you could add more than 125 of famous applications from the internet. With the help of only one click. That comprises systems of content management such as drupal, word-press and Joomla. Furthermore, GoDaddy also comprises developer-friendly tools such as MYSQL, cPanel, python, cloud Linux, and so many versions of PHP.

Below-Average Uptime at 99.91% of the GoDaddy web hosting:

GoDaddy gives a little bit too average uptime on the shared hosting plans. The uptime of the GoDaddy web hosting one year is 99.91 %.

Inconsistent Customer Support of the GoDaddy web hosting:

Customer support is one of the best features that makes us happy. When we see any web hosting service available for us 24/ 7 and 365 days them nothing is more soothing and relaxing than this. GoDaddy web hosting service exactly offers the same. They have a great option of live chat, the best network of phone support internationally, not only do they have phone support but they could be able to talk in different languages as well, furthermore a decent knowledge base.

So, in order to test their live chat support, we asked GoDaddy web hosting service some simple questions about the site migration. The results were none. Because the average estimated time was 47 minutes for us.

Money-Back guarantee of the GoDaddy web hosting:

GoDaddy web hosting service provides a one-month of money-back guarantee. But still, there is confusion in them.

Free domain of the GoDaddy web hosting:

For the beginning of the month, the Free duration annual plan is available such as (12, 24, 36 months, etc.).

Ease of Signup in the GoDaddy web hosting:

If we are talking about the sign-up in the GoDaddy then the procedure of this is pretty easy and basic. Or in other words, we can say that it is very easy in order to signup.

Payment Methods of the GoDaddy web hosting:

When it comes to the payment method of the GoDaddy web hosting then in that case all the ways of payment are acceptable. Such as PayPal credit cards.

Hidden Fees and Clauses of GoDaddy web hosting:

There are some confusing policies regarding to refunds and terms for instance in case if a service provided by the hosts has been already performed, then in that scenario, it is non-refundable. Whereas on the other hand if it is still not performed then it is good to go for a refund under one month of the date of the transaction.

Upsells of the GoDaddy web hosting:

There is a huge number of useless. The difference in price air the beginning term length, backups, site migrations, SSL certificate, customer security, and much more.

Account Activation of the GoDaddy web hosting:

The account activation of the GoDaddy web hosting is very fast.

 Dashboard Experience and control panel of the GoDaddy web hosting:

Just like the other web hosting service in the GoDaddy web hosting service the dashboard experience and the control panel is cPanel.

Installation of CMSs and application of the GoDaddy web hosting:

In the GoDaddy web hosting the installation of cms such as Joomla, Word press, etc and the installation of applications are also there. A great number of 1 click installation choices along with the famous open application source.

Basic Cheap Plan is Good Value (for a Single Basic Website)

When we genuinely reviews GoDaddy web hosting recently, their low rates shared hosting plan was very much costly, and to be very honest the features are very much restricted. At last, vomited to the competition. However, within a very less period of time, I have noticed a huge difference it literally seems they have done a great turn of 180 degrees. Nowadays, the economy plan rate is just 2.99 $ per month along with a one-year contract.

Base Plan Lacks Critical Features (No SSL Certificate, Backups, Security, or Site Migrations) in the GoDaddy web hosting:

The top-notch host we have reviewed would offer in features such as backups, SSL certificates in every single plan. But these have become a usual place and are so much need in order to run a website in today’s world. However, unfortunately, GoDaddy does not provide any of the above-mentioned features in their simple base plans.

When it comes to the SSL certificate for instance, until and unless you are paying already for GoDaddy’s most costly plan, then this feature would cost you.

Few web hosts would also offer you backups and site security without any cost. However, if we are talking about GoDaddy, the backups would charge you almost 2.99 $ on every month and site security for 5.99 $ on every month.

Site migrations of GoDaddy web hosting:

One more time so many hosts would move one existing website over at least in order to their servers without any cost. The majority of them could even do this under few hours of asking so in that manner you do not bother to have in order to wait around.

Though, not GoDaddy. They do not provide any without of cost managed site migrations

This feature would cost 99.99 $ on every website and on every database, and it takes almost 7 to 10 business days. So we can say that it is not only costly however also slow.