Greengeek is not just the best web host, but it also provides a huge number of best features, including the best hosting plans. All the plans which are provided by the greengreeks are pretty good. Furthermore, the renewal investment energy of 300 % is quite good enough. This is the best thing we have ever seen in any of the web hostings. But wait here I know you are confused that what is going on or what we are talking about. So, before in this topic, I will let you know that this is a complete guide to greengeek web hosting.

What is greengeek web hosting?

In today’s world greengeek has become famous and the popularity of this web hosting is famous day by day. Greengeek is also very familiar with word press hosting with the help of their blazing quick performance of the site. Greengeek also offers 24/7 us based support as well as the platform of environmental responsibility. Greengeek also provides 1 click word its install, enhanced security, managed and handled updates, free website migration, free CDN, and the selection of more than 5 various locations of the data center.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review:

Greengreek powered more than 600,000 different sites and for this reason, their customers loved them. On the top priority of all this, they have a very unique discount of 60 % for the beginners of WP readers connected with a free domain name and free SSL certificate as well.

Goals of the greengeek web hosting:

As we all know that greengeek is a great web hosting provider, the fundamental goal of the greengreek is in order to be able to provide the best environmentally friendly platform for their customers. They provide different of shared hosting plans for each and every single person it does not matter you are a professional or a beginner. The prices of the greengreek are reasonable. Not only the price is affordable but the plans which are offered by greengreek are filled with a great number of features.

Almost all of the website hosting offers somehow the same kind of plans. However, in this review of the greengreek we test all the plans and promises made by greengreek. Take a look below and see what ee find.

Reliability of the greengreek web hosting:

So it is possible could you relay on the greengreekin order to make sure that your site is approachable all the time.

Performance and speed of the greengreek web hosting:

How quick your site load on the greengreek, it also matters a lot.

Features of the greengreek web hosting:

What best features are included in the greengreek web hosting plans.

Pricing of the greengreek web hosting:

How much do the rates of greengreek cost? And is it possible you could receive a perfect deal in order to save money?

Customer support:

In the customer support section the question is that would you be able to receive fast support in a case when you need it the most.

In this comprehensive article, we would be going to share plenty of great information about greengreek web hosting. If you want to know more about this web hosting then you would definitely find something interesting in it.

Greengreek web hosting performance test:

The users of WP beginners blindly trust our reviews, because we only suggested all the services and products that we have used for our personal selves. What we did, we log in for all the top companies of word press hosting in order to detail test about the performance of the greengreek.

During using the default theme, we crowded the site with all the dummy data compromised all the photos and media. So in this manner, the test website behaved, looked, and managed just like a real site of word press.

The speed test result of greengreek web hosting:

Speed plays a very important role in order to the success of any site. Or in other words, we can say that if you want to see your website successful then in that case you have to improve the speed of your web hosting. This is the reason why we also run the speed test in order to see that the claims of greengreek were were right or not. We measure the test speed with the help of Pingdom.

The result revealed that the website loaded in less than one second. Yes, this is true.

The stress test result of greengreek web hosting:

We also have to show the stress results of the greengreek web hosting. Because we desperately wanted to observe how perfect our test website will show their performance on greengreek while on the crowded traffic. In order to measure the stress result, we used a specific tool known as K6, which is previously known as load impact.

Well, the results of the stress test show that the site did not perform perfectly. So in other words we can say that stress results did not give the best results

Greengreek web hosting perfect for the environment:

Greengreek is that type of web hosting that provides the best values which care about the environment. In this manner, you could help in order to support the best renewable energy, by hosting the greengreek.

Greengreek is affordable:

Greengreek provides very reasonable prices for all the great features they provided.

Greengreek packed with features:

The plans of greengreek hosting comprise all the best features you require in order to build a more site for you.

Great rated support of greengreek web hosting :

Greengreek provides great customer service. That would be perfect for everyone.

Set up charges for billing every month:

If you select the every month billing then in that case there is a 15 $ setup fee. The fee is waived in only one case if you pay for one year or much more.

Phone support is not all the time:

One of the worse things about greengreek is that the phone support is not available always, like 24/7. In the greengreek web hosting the phone support is not available at specific times such as in the mid night to morning 9 am EST. the phone service is unavailable. For suppose if in these hours if you have to face any issues then in that scenario you must choose email support or live chat on the phone chat.

Coupon of Greengreek

Greengreek provides the users of WP beginners a 60 % off and a free domain (new) for their personal site hosting with the help of our Greengreek coupon.

Monthly money-back guarantee of Greengreek:

In case if you are not satisfied with the plans and the features of the greengeek then you have 30 days of the money-back guarantee. Greengreek would not ask you any single question, they care about their customers a lot that is why the satisfaction of the customers is their top priority.

Perfect loading page time of Greengreek:

There is a chance of 32 % of the rate of a website bounce increase. In case if it takes more than three seconds in order to load a site. In simple words, we can say that the larger your page takes time in order to load it would be the great chance the more customers would leave your site. The loading page time speed is 477 ms.

Best uptime performance:

As we know that uptime is the most important factor in order to choose a web host. The uptime performance directly affects the website visitors and to be very honest greengeek web hosting does not disappoint you in this specific area. They offer an average of 99.99 % of uptime while one year of the testing period.

Website migration and free domain name:

Greengeek web hosting provides you transfer and free domain name. For instance, if you receive your domain name via them then in that case they would in order to keep it without any cost, until and unless the customers use the services of Greengreek.

Greengreek web hosting plans:

If you are searching for something that builds or enhances your website with you and Greengreek perfectly fits for you. They provide scalable Linux-based solutions of hosting at various prices. The hosting plans of Greengreek permitting you in order to upgrade the resources of the server. In that particular case if your site outgrows the beginning plan.

Shared hosting of Greengreek web hosting:

In the plans of Greengreek web hosting, it is the most reasonable hosting option

The shared hosting plan of Greengreek provides you 50 GB of SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, 50 email accounts, without any cost of domain migration for an entire one year, without any cost of the content delivery network (also known as CDN), without any cost of SSL.

Upgrading in order to get the premium or pro the shared plan of Greengreek will offer you unrestricted email accounts, unrestricted storage, and the best fast performance.

VPS Hosting plan of Greengreek web hosting:

If you require the access root in order to the perfect control or server om the computing resources, then, in that case, VPS hosting plan is the ideal and perfect choice for you. With the coordination of the VPS hosting plan, you would have complete knowledge of how much the space of disk needed, bandwidth, and RAM are at your disposal.

Greengreek provides three completely well-managed VPS hosting plans. The majority of reasonable plans comprised 4vCPU, RAM of 2 GB, and 50 GB of SSD storage. While on the other hand, the most costly plan comprises 6 vCPU, 8 GB of RAM, and 150 GB of SSD storage.

Dedicated Hosting of Greengreek web hosting:

You could select from our four dedicated server plans of Greengreek web hosting. All the dedicated servers which are included in under the dedicated web hosting plan provide a great allowance of 10 TB every month for data transfers and further more, it includes 5 IP addresses.

Memory and the disk space of the dedicated web hosting differ from plan to plan however you could receive a dedicated server from the Greengreek with 500 GB to 1 TB storage and 2 to 16 GB of RAM.

I hope you all know the great features of Greengreek web hosting from this review.