Hello, my beautiful readers. I am here to let you know about the hostinger web hosting service. So I come up with the most genuine and unbiased review. I hope after reading this you would be glad. Because this would be something you would be waited for. And in case this is also natural if you do not know anything about it then do not worry do not panic, we are here to guide you. So let us dive into this amazing topic of hositnger web hosting review.

What is hostinger?

Before starting anything, we should know a little bit of background about the hostinger web hosting so that you would easily be able in order to understand that what is going on in this article.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review:

Hostinger is an all-rounder web host that provides a number of great features, uptime, and customer security. However in case if you need some strong, powerful, and sturdy dedicated server then in that scenario you have to search anywhere else other than hostinger web hosting.

In the market of web hosting, hostinger is included in one of the most affordable shared hostings that offer such a great number of best features under reasonable prices.

Hostinger web hosting was developed in 2007, at that time it was 000 webhosting.com. It is a free service of web hosting with zero advertisements. Then in 2011 that web hosting change and was named as hostinger web hosting. In a very short period of time like in 2014, the users of hostinger increased up to ten million. Woah…  You could understand how great features hostinger provides.

Best features of hostinger web hosting:

Hostinger provides a number of great web hosting features. It offers countless and free services. However both the free and countless services do not mean anything in the case if your website cannot be able to stay online. As I have already told you that this review is completely unbiased so our personal website with hostinger noted the greatest speed, best support, and much more. So take a look below and find the best features you could be able to find in the hostinger web hosting.

Great load time of hostinger web hosting  382 ms.

The fast loading time is something that every user wants. The loading time is very much important in web hosting. Have you ever experienced and tried hard in order to open the website page and get stuck. Waiting hard in order to open the website. Well, this is not going to happen in the hostinger web hosting. When it comes to the hostinger web hosting the load time page of this web hosting service is 382 ms. This great loading time of the hostinger makes them unique and included under the top 10 web hosts you have ever used in your life.

One month of money-back guarantee of hostinger web hosting

Hostinger web hosting provides a huge number of various payment options such as master card, PayPal,  discover, maestro, bitcoin, JBC, and American express.

Hostinger web hosting provides you one month of a money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the features of the hostinger web hosting so you can simply able to get your money back.

However keep one thing in your mind while using hostinger web hosting, not all the products in the hostinger web hosting are refundable. While on the other hand, few products are those that have special kind of terms and conditions set by hostinger web hosting as per hostinger’s refund policy.

Perfect customer support:

Customer support plays an essential role in order to increase or decrease the rating of web hosting. It is the one who breaks or makes the web host. For instance, if your website is stuck and down and you try your level best in order to contact the service of customer support. Then in that case it might be possible the web host loses their top ratings. If we are talking about hostinger web hosting then hostinger does not disappoint you. Yes, I am saying this because I have tested this by my own experience. The hostinger web hosting provides a great team of customer support,  live chat with the customers, and integrated intercoms as their fundamental system of support.

Free site builder and domain name:

Hostinger web hosting provides a site builder without any cost in their great services, it does not matter what service you select. There are a great number of various temples in order to choose from as well.

When you have selected a template, you could be easily able to customize each and every single thing over your page, simply by using the hostinger web hosting.

Simply in order to use interface:

Hostinger web hosting provides a modern, latest, and advanced easy to use interface where you could be simply able to search for anything you require in your location. In that way you could track logins, manage and handle your domains, update the information regarding billing, as well we monitor emails from your own dashboard.

Countless features with business and premium plans:

If you log in for any of the top plans provided by the plans of hostinger web hosting. You would easily get access in order to countless accounts of email for free. Handle and manages those accounts just right from the control panel this means that there is zero guesswork about the uses,  spam filters, and much more.

Standard industry price trick but yet reasonable:

The majority of the companies that offer web hosting, they promote their rates in the wrong light. Well, hostinger is also included in one of them. However, they are more crystal clear about the price as compared to many other web hosting companies.

For instance, if you require in order to get the advantage of the best 1.39 $ on the deal of every month for single shared hosting. So you would have in order to commit to hostinger web hosting for about four years. And after those 48 months, your new cost would definitely rise up to 2.99 $ every month.

Inconsistent uptime 99.97 %

Uptime plays an important role. It is included in one of the essential things in order to check when comprising the website host. Hostinger web hosting gives almost an average of about 99.97 % along a little bit more less than one day i.e. almost 22 hours of downtime in the last year. Yes, this is quite bad. I know right.

No traditional Cpanel:

The majority of the web hosting services use a traditional and old control panel such as Cpanel. Hostinger web hosting has made his personal control panel. All those who are new in the field of web hosting, then maybe it is possible that all those find this very helpful and simple. All the newbies find this easy to use as compared to the traditional control panel. While on the other hand, if you are professional in order to use the control panel then it is possible that maybe you do not like their dashboard.

Non-standard terms of payment:

The policy of hostinger refund shows little expectations in order to their money-back guarantee. See what is refundable under the standard terms and conditions.

Refundable under the standard conditions and terms:

Domain transfer:

Domain transfer such as EU transfer is beyond the expectation. Eurid costs a non-refundable fee transfer. For any reason, if the transfer fails in that case the customer should begin over and again pay the transfer fee. These transfers are also non-refundable.

SSL certificate:

SSL certificates are also non-refundable in the hostinger web hosting.

Hosting plans:

All the hosting plans are non-refundable. All the hosting plans besides the first payment right after the free trial.

Hostinger web hosting plans and features:

Hostinger web hosting has a great variety of plans and features that are perfect for all types of customers, from vloggers and bloggers, from small businesses to enterprise users. The plans which are offers by hostinger web hosting are as follows.

Shared hosting plan

Cloud hosting plan

VPS hosting plan

One by one all of these features are described below.

Shared hosting plan:

In the shared hosting plan, we have single, premium, and business plans. Take a look below and find what is in these plans.

Single plan of shared hosting:

In the single plan of shared hosting, we have 30 GB of  SSD storage. The number of sites is only one. The bandwidth of a single plan is 100 GB. Free SSL is also available but daily backups are unavailable. The price of the single plan is 1.39 $ on every month.

Premium plan of shared hosting:

In the premium of the shared hosting, we have 100 GB of storage, Number of sites is unlimited. A free SSL certificate is available where as on the other hand there is no daily backup is available. The price of a premium shared hosting plan is 2.59 $ on every month.

Business plan of shared hosting:

In the business plan of shared hosting, we have 200 GB of SSD storage. The number of sites is 100. The bandwidth of the business plan is unlimited. SSL certificate is available and as well as the daily back is also available. 3.99 $ you have to pay for every month.

Cloud hosting plan:

The cloud hosting plans are basic, simple, and easy to use as the shared hosting options besides that they are available with various features that are strong and powerful. It is just like that they have connected the great features of shared hosting and VPS hosting in order to create their best cloud hosting plans.

VPS hosting:

All those who are searching for VPS hosting would get in order to enjoy hostinger VPS options. VPS hosting is faster up to 30 % as compared to the most shared hosting plans with zero downtime. It has been noted that VPS hosting is best for entrepreneurs and for enterprises as well.

I hope after reading this review you will find something that is helpful for you. One more thing I want to add is that this review is based on personal experience.