This article is all about the inmotion hosting web review so my dearest readers if you are interested to know more about inmotion web hosting then, in that case, please read the article till the end, I bet you guys would definitely know something interesting about the inmotion hosting web. So. Stay tuned and be with us.

InMotion Web Hosting Review:

Inmotion hosting is a very famous in industry brand with a trustworthy performance for the hosting of business class. This hosting web is award-winning in terms of technical support and uptime of up to 99.9%. inmotion web hosting is a user-friendly website. The US-based unmatched support is always helpful to them. Furthermore, in the inmotion hosting the word press hosting is specifically optimized for the bloggers who are active in the relevant field. Moreover, it provides the best scalability for the growth of your blog. Information web hosting offers its users the best 57% off plus free SSL and free domain as well.

What is inmotion hosting web?

If we are talking about the famous names in the particular field of web hosting, then InMotion Hosting is included in one of them. They offer great hosting for newbies, big companies, bloggers, and every single person who is included in between them. Inmotion web hosting is well known for its quality services for the customers, reliable hosting, and a huge range of great services.

In this comprehensive review of inmotion web hosting, we would be analyzing the hosting services from our point of view, and one more thing this review is entirely unbiased. So, take a look below and find what great features inmotion web hosting offers us.


In performance, the question for most of the customers is How quick would your site load on InMotion Hosting?


When it comes to reliability, the most asked question is would your site be always available to your customers without any downtime?

Customer Support:

In the section of customer support, the question is Could you count on the customer support of inmotion in order to offer fast help in the case when you need it?


This is the most interesting and knowledgeable section of the entire article, in this section, the answer would be the question of Do inmotion web hosting offer each and everything you would need in order to strengthen your site?


Pricing is very essential, the majority of the customers would ask that Do inmotion web hosting service provide great pricing in the industry? Apart from this Are there any deals on InMotion Hosting that could save you money?

A little history about InMotion Hosting

I know few people are not interested in the history of the inmotion hosting but I am damn sure there are a majority of people who largely know the history of the inmotion. So, I am telling you a little bit informative history of the inmotion web hosting. It is founded in 2001. The offices of the inmotion web hosting are located in Virginia Beach and Los angles. It has been noted that among all web hosting services inmotion is considered the old web hosting company in the industry with a great proven track record. Inmotion web hosting has more than 200 employees. It offers a competitively hosting service with 24/7 customer support of US-based.

InMotion Hosting Performance

Performance of the inmotion hosting must if someone is searching for a host specifically for the web. It would cost you a great amount of money and difficulty in case if you get your bad performance and need in order to move your site in order to a great host.

In this inmotion review, we chose in order to run our personal performances test so that our review would be unbiased. We tried and tested the response time, speed, and the reliability of the inmotion web hosting. Take a look below and read what we have found for you.

Good Speed 347 ms

Quick loading times are not only best for the experience of users but they also love the hosted website. Fast speed is also a big factor in google’s algorithm in order to detect where in the top rankings you would be able to show up (I hope you all the entire process of the SEO thing). It has a great impact that how fast and quick your page loads on your bottom line, motivating half of your traffic in order to bounce if instance it does not load under two seconds.

Fortunately, the average time of inmotion hosting is 347 ms, it is fast enough in order to keep traffic on your website.

Good Average Uptime of 99.93%

The average uptime clocked is set at 99.93% with half and six hours of downtime. It is based on our supervising and careful tracking of the last one year.

So, here we can say that this is not a good result we have got but it still spreads the standards industry uptime of 99.93% and right now inmotion hosting uptime makes a great place in the lives of their clients.

Customer Support

Inmotion hosting has the best variety when it comes to the support options in order to choose from email, live chat, phone chat, and even on skype chat. And the best part is all the options of support are always available every single and every single minute. Yes, it is true.

It is our own experience that we have tested the option of their live chat. We expected some questions regarding their shared plans of hosting and the client rep connected under a few minutes. However, the replies are a little bit late but precise. Furthermore, still best enough in order to keep our concentration and not go searching anywhere else for the answers.

90-Days Money-Back Guarantee

After reading this heading you all would be happy I must say because in this heading we will going to tell you about the money-back guarantee of the inmotion web hosting. As we have read in different web hosting plans that the average guarantee of the web hosting plan is 30 days, and in some web hosting plans offers 60 days of the money-back guarantee. However, the money-back guarantee of the inmotion is 90 days woah… yes 90 days.

Integrations & Apps (WordPress, too)

Another claim InMotion Hosting promises on their site is that they are a great leader in order to support projects of open source.

Here I want to add again, all those boats are entirely backed up with a collection of more than 400 applications. You could easily find every single thing from the famous content management systems like drupal towards shopping carts, word press, and e-commerce systems such as Magento and Prestashop.

Free site transfer:

Inmotion hosting provides in order to transfer your website without any cost from your current host. Furthermore, they claim in order to do this with no downtime.

Your free site transfer is available with :

FTP, setup for emails, domain

The transfer of full cPanel or almost three-site (10 GB almost).

Inmotion best for e-commerce support:

Inmotion hosting is included in one of some websites hosts along with the proactive partnership between leading services of e-commerce (while website forums are the other) and Photoshop.

They make the experience of your e-commerce even the best in order to provide simple integrations with the processor payment. It helps you to side setup otherwise in the other scenario it creates a huge pain in your back.

Super secure smart wall threat defense system (TDS)

The latest Equifax security breaches describe only how crystal clear and as well as how detrimental the effect of the cyber is and along with the continual increase of brute force. DDos and Dos attacks, now it has become very essential than ever before that the owner of Wendy site has a good understanding of the security protocols that how it is being used by the provider of the web hosting.

Fortunatelyinmotion hosting spares, there are no any expenses in order to ensure the protection of the customer’s personal information.

Select your location of the data center:

Inmotion hosting has data centers in the United States of America such as in the east and in the west coast as well. So in that manner, you could easily choose the data center that is feasible for you. Or in other words, we can say that you can easily be able to select the data center which is closure to your targeted audience. As a result, your website loads much faster for the targeted users.


Rather than the old traditional hard drive all the Inmotion website hosting uses an SSD storage drive. That’s SSD drives are more faster than hard drives. It makes the loading of your site much faster. It is a fact that most of the web hosts charge extra for the SSD storage or some of the web hosts do have SSD storage.

SSL certificate free:

Inmotion hosting needs an SSL certificate in order to create an e-commerce website. It is comprised of all the plans of the Inmotion website hosting. Usually, the other web hosts cost 30 to be 60$ for the SSL certificate.

InMotion Hosting Plans and Features

Following are the hosting plans offers by inmotion.

Shared Hosting:

This is perfect for a starter website and low traffic. With the help of shared hosting, your site distributes resources with another account of hosting on the server. It is the best basic and simple hosting option.

WordPress Hosting:

Same to shared hosting, this hosting plan is particular optimized for the powered word press sites along with the extra tools and the plans in order to improve security and performance.

VPS Hosting:

It is advanced to shared hosting, the VPS permits you in order to share resources along with different servers on the cloud. VPS hosting provides your website more room in order to grow and know how to handle the traffic.

Managed Hosting:

Managed hosting is a strong hosting option in order to manage and handle huge traffic without technical and dealing staff. Your host would take great care of updated software, maintains and other security tasks for you.