This review is a comprehensive guide in order to give the best information about the Ipage web hosting. I know there are some people in the list of my readers who very well know about the Ipage web hosting where as it is also a fact that on the other hand there are some others in the list of my readers who do not know about the Ipage web hosting.

Ipage Web Hosting Review:

When it comes in order to crest your site. Then in that case the Ipage web hosting provides a huge number of options. Ipage web hosting provides you the best freedom you require in order to create a presence online that perfectly reflects your business or brand no matter what it is Ipage web hosting provides supports all of them.

So, if you are interested to know more about Ipage web hosting, what are the best features in it, what great features Ipage web hosting offers then you are landed at the right place. In the following article, you will find so many useful things that you need to know about the Ipage web hosting without any second thought. So, do want to waste time bad take a look below.

What is Ipage web hosting?? 

Before ding into the topic, it is very much necessary in order to know the little information about the Ipage web hosting. So, the Ipage web hosting developed in 1998, Ipage powers more than 1 million sites and when it comes to the word press then it is a very famous brand. Along with the help of 24/7 support, 1 click far word press install, and the uptime is 99.99%. Without any second thought, we confidently say that Ipage is perfect in order to begin. You would be able to get free security, without any cost of drop and drag builder, each and every single thing that you require in order to create a successful website. Topmost Ipage web hosting provides the best discount of 83% on the WP beginner users and a free domain as well. This best quality of Ipage web hosting makes them a budget-friendly web hosting service among the others.

What is inside the Ipage web hosting:

Ipage provides so many features that packed the plans of hosting for different types of sites. If you are in the phase of the beginning, then in that scenario their shared plans could be the perfect option for you all. In this comprehensive review of Ipage web hosting you all would go through all the services and the test performances of the Ipage web hosting. Following are the areas we would discuss about in this guide.

Customer support of the Ipage web hosting:

In this section, the question is about could the customer support they offer are they really reliable? Or we could count on it.

Reliability of the Ipage web hosting:

In the reliability section, the most asked question is about trust. All the customer wants 24/7 in touch with them. Without any single minute of downtime.

Pricing of the Ipage web hosting:

Every customer cares a lot when it comes to pricing. So the question under the pricing heading would be are they really provide the best prices in the web hosting industry. Besides this are there any other Ipage deals that could be able in order to save your money?

Performance of the Ipage web hosting:

In the performance section, the frequently asked question would be how fast the page load on the Ipage.

Take a look below and find what are the best features available in Ipage web hosting.


The Ipage web hosting is a customer-friendly website. They care and protect their customers at any cost. Ipage provides a great number of best services and tools in order to help their customers to simply creates their own personal website. Furthermore, Ipage web hosting also helps their customers in order to grow the business of their customers with flying colors.

Low-cost plans of Ipage web hosting:

In the industry of web hosting, and when it comes to the pricing then, in that case, Ipage web hosting provides one of the best low rate plans. This great quality of the Ipage web hosting makes them perfect for beginners, small businesses, start-ups, and for personal websites as well.

One-click word press install:

All the plans of the Ipage web hosting comprise one-click word press installation. Moreover, it also offers unlimited email accounts, databases, bandwidth, and security as well.

500 $ worth of extras:

In the Ipage web hosting, you would be able to get bing credits, google ad words, site analytic suites, and listening. All these things and guess what without any cost. Yes, it is for free.

No billing on every month:

On the Ipage there is no any type of billing found in every month. Ipage web hosting does not provide billing on monthly basis for any single of their plans of shared hosting. In any case, if you require billing on monthly basis then you definitely would have in order to upgrade to VPS, dedicated hosting plans, and word press hosting plan as well.

No cPanel control in Ipage web hosting:

This is a very disturbing point in the Ipage web hosting. It does not provide any support of cPanel which is very commonly used in the field of web hosting control panels. It is used by the majority of the companies of web hosting. For instance, if you are used to the control panel then in that scenario, you might have faced a little difficulty in order to find your way around.

Ipage web hosting coupon:

Ipage web hosting provides the best coupon. The users of WP beginners receive an exclusive discount of 83% discount. It also offers a free domain by using Ipage web hosting. Ipage Server Response time:

As you will know that the website content on your site really affects its page loading time. Such as if a page has more than one image or multiple images then in that case it would load slowly. This means that a normal test result of speed would not perfectly show how quickly the server responds. In order to test the response time of the Ipage web hosting, we used a tool known as Bitcatcha.

Money-back guarantees of 30 days.

Ipage web hosting provides the best guarantee of thirty days. It happens if you do not any of the features of this website then under the days of thirty you would good in order to cancel your account and take back your refund.

Best of Ipage web hosting:

If someone is successful in order to find the best host company then I must say you are lucky enough. Because nowadays it is such a daunting task in order to find the best host company. The best host company is that who is best at both the things such as best in the performances and best in the pricing as well. When we are talking about the best hosting company we mean that it makes the perfect balance between the Performance and the price as well. Obviously, you do not want in order to end with anything that has poor performance and low rates as well.

So, for that purpose, we have to decide in order to conduct our own performance tests in order to check the performance of the Ipage web hosting.

Ipage speed test results:

Speed is the most important factor of the best-performing hosting service. It has been noted and it is a fact that no one literally no one likes a slow aur down website. Even though the search engine punishes the down or slow website and appreciates the faster websites with the top rankings.

So the speed results of Ipage web hosting revealed that the website loaded under 3 Seconds only, furthermore it was faster more than 60% of the site tested.

Ipage web hosting plans:

The shared plan of Ipage web hosting is specifically perfect and attractive for those who are new in this field and for the new websites as well. Moreover, the Ipage web hosting also offers word press hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and much more.

Even though if you need in order, to begin with, a shared plan then it is good in order to know that you could be able to upgrade your plans of hosting as your site grows.

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is the best plan for websites that are new with less traffic. With the shared hosting, your site would be sharing server resources with the help of other sites over the same server.

Word press hosting:

Word press hosting is the same as the shared plan of hosting. The plans of word press hosting are particularly optimized for the word press power sites.

VPS hosting:

VPS hosting is an upgrade and latest in order to shared hosting. VPS hosting permits you in order to share resources with more than one server on the architecture cloud. This provides your site extra room in order to grow.

Dedicated hosting:

This is a comprehensive server dedicated in order to your needs of hosting. Dedicated hosting provides you sturdy features which help you in order to raise your performance. It is perfect for high-traffic websites. The downside of the dedicated server hosting is that you would have in order to manage the server yourself.

Managed hosting:

Managed hosting is a strong hosting option in order to handle a huge number of traffic with dealing the stuff of technical. Your managed hosting would take great care of security, the latest and update software, and other tasks regarding maintenance.

The above article is a comprehensive guide for all those who desperately want in order to more about the Ipage web hosting. I have great hopes that after reading this comprehensive guide of Ipage web hosting you will definitely clear all of your confusion. This article would be very helpful for all the newcomers, old and for all the businessman who is in the field of web hosting and wants to spend more in this field.