Kinsta is included in one of the famous names in the field of word press hosting space. One of the specific thing that makes them unique is that the kinsta only provide setups of word press hosting. It means that you could be able in order to run any different script website on the server of kinsta.

Kinsta Web Hosting Review:

If you are new in the field of kinsta and want to dig more about this field or you are already in kinsta web hosting for ages but you desperately need to know more about it. Then in that case you are definitely on the right and I say that best place. This is a comprehensive review about the kinsta, its performance, features, advantages, and as well as disadvantages

The following review is entirely unbiased. So, you can trust this review without any second thought. So take a look below and do not waste more time.

What is kinsta??

The majority of people know about the kinsta web hosting but if you do not know then it is not a big deal. Kinsta is not an old web hosting just like the other one available in the market. It is a new web hosting, established in 2013. The majority of the people called kinsta that it is a host of managed word press.

A huge number of things in order to unpack about kinsta. Take a look below and find those things.

Word press host:

The meaning of the word press host is basically the same as we have told all of you in the introduction section. Kinsta specifically accepts the websites of word press on their servers. Furthermore, it means that on your servers you could not be able to run any other script of standalone. Standalone scripts are those kinds of scripts that would be able to run beside the word press.

Managed in kinsta:

The managed in the kinsta means itself the hosting company managed and handles properly each and every single thing that is particularly included in the servers of managing and maintaining. This means that you feel relaxed yourself. In this way, you do not have to worry about and get your hands filthy rather than you can be able to concentrate and focused on the content creation for your site and advertising it.

What we get in kinsta :

Kinsta offers a huge number of great features. This is the most interesting and knowledgeable section of the entire review of the kinsta web hosting. Because in this section majority of people’s confusion would going to be clear. If you do not trust me then you can read by yourself. I know you all have so many questions in your mind however reading the following heading you will be able to clear your confusion. We have described numerous fine points below and every single detail when it comes to technical analysis of the kinsta web hosting.  Take a look below and find the best features.

Self-healing automatic technology.

It has been observed that word press specifically runs on PHP. and it has also been noted that PHP most of the time faces few glitches. Kinsta monitor and supervise the updates and status of the servers for every single minute. Not only does it keep an eye on the status of the server but it also sets the issues whenever needed.

Hack and make a real removal of kinsta:

As great as word press is, it has been noted that it is also included in one of the most famous attacked platforms of sites among them all. In case if your site is ever facing issues while hosted at the kinsta then in that scenario they would be able to fix it out.

Website caching of Kinsta:

Kinsta offers four different types of website caching at a time. All four types of caching may include in-house word press caching plugin, and server-level caching.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) of kinsta:

Kinsta offers 50 GB of the key content delivery network (CDN) on the usage of only one month on the beginner level of kinsta plan. Much more on the greater plans.

PHP of kinsta:

PHP of kinsta swap in the range of PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4 at only the touch of a single button.

HTTP/2.0 of kinsta:

HTTP/ 2.0 of kinsta in use over the content delivery network (CDN) and the servers.

SSL in kinsta:

By using kinsta you will be able to get an SSL certificate without any cost, yes you have read it right. The SSL certificate is free free free. Woah… you will receive the SSL certificate from the let us encrypt or install on your own.

SFTP in kinsta:

Protect kinsta FTP retrieve in order to the space of your website for the purpose of editing files and as well as for the uploading files as well.

The server file manager of kinsta:

In the kinsta web hosting, there is no file manager online is available. It is only the access FTP in order to the server space.

Database access of kinsta:

In kinsta web hosting the phpMyAdmin is specifically used in order to access the WordPress site database via a browser.

Email service of kinsta:

There is no email service available in any plan of the kinsta. While on the other hand G Suite is the one and only suggested option.

Word Press website management of kinsta:

Word press website management of the kinsta has the capability in order to update plugins via the dashboard of my Kinsta account, however, there are no WordPress core software updates and automatic plugin updates available.

Plugin restrictions of kinsta:

There is a huge number of list of banned plugins available in the kinsta. It might include caching, optimization plugins, and security that could influence the performance of the website.

Security measures of kinsta:

There are a lot of measures are take place in the kinsta in order to keep your website protect, it might be including DDoS scanning, GeoIP blocking, proactive stopping malicious code entering the network, GCP firewall, and self-healing PHP, and many more.

Post hack clean up services of kinsta:

So this would be happened with anyone, in case if your website is hacked during hosted by Kinsta, then without wasting any single minute they will resolve the issue without any cost. or in other words, we can say they would do it for free.

Data center locations of kinsta:

There is a total of 21 server locations in order to choose from, comprising in Australia and South America, multiple locations in the United States of America as well, Europe, and Asia.

Staging sites of kinsta:

All the plans comprise access in order to a performance website with only one-click deployment towards the live site.

Word Press website migration of kinsta:

Word press website migration of kinsta, on all the hosting plans it is available for free.

Visitor analytics of kinsta:

You can be able to monitor data on your site traffic via the My Kinsta dashboard.

Uptime checks of kinsta:

In the kinsta all the ongoing activities and the status of your website are ensured on every five minutes in order to permit the provisioning team in order to react to any examples of the downtime that are noted.

Support channels of kinsta:

There is no telephonic support in the kinsta, however, on the other hand, a ticketing system, and 24/7 live chat channel are available for your help.

Starter plan of kinsta:

In the starter plan of kinsta you get 10 GB SSD storage. Up to 20,000 visitors are allowed every month. almost 50 GB of free CDN key allowed. Almost 2 PHP workers are allowed. It also comprises a one-month kinsta guarantee refund.

Professional plan of kinsta plan

In the professional kinsta plan, 2-word press installs are allowed with 20 GB SSD storage. Almost 40,000 visitors are allowed every month. up to 100 GB of free CDN key is also allowed. The professional plan of kinsta also comprises one monthly refund guarantee.

Kinsta business plan

Kinsta’s business plan includes bulk word press installs from 6 to 40. The SSD storage space starts from 30 GB to 60 GB. The business plan of kinsta allowed up to 20,000 visitors every month. free monthly CDN also allowed up to 200 GB. The business plan of kinsta includes 3 to 4 migrations of free premium. Without any cost of SSH Access, encrypt SSL, and site cloning is also available. The PHP workers are also allowed to start from 4 to 6 in number. There is a period of restoration and free backups also offer by kinsta. The restore and free backup have under 20 days of the retention period. The business plan of kinsta includes one monthly of refund guarantee.

Kinsta plan of enterprise:

The enterprise plan of kinsta includes 70 to 150-word press installs which is much more to be very honest. The SSD storage space of the Kinsta plan of enterprise has 100  GB to 250 GB. The plan which is specifically designed for the enterprisers has every month visitors allowed up to 1,00,000 to 3,00,000. Woah this is such a great number of visitors. Kinsta’s plan of enterprisers has allowed up to 1,000 GB of free key CDN. Not only the free key CDN is available on the kinsta enterprise plan but it also has SSH access, encrypts SSL, and website cloning as well. In the kinsta enterprise plan, there are almost 5 free migrations allowed. If we are talking about the PHP workers then PHP workers are allowed to start from 8 and end to 16 in number. They also have a time period of restore and free backups, so within 30 days. I know this plan has a lot of good features however they have a major drawback which is this is the most costly plan among the kinsta plans.

So, my beloved readers, this review was all about the kinsta web hosting. I hope you get all of your confusion cleared after reading this comprehensive review on the kinsta plans, kinsta features, security of the kinsta, and the pricing of the kinsta as well.