In case if you are searching for a hosting service for the web which provides countless each and every single thing for the cheapest price then in that scenario media temple web hosting might disappoint you. Media temple offers and sells the best quality, but not price, and the starter of media temple shared a package of hosting deluxe seems very unique in order to most of the rivalry.

Media Temple Web Hosting Review

The plan of media temple supports countless websites and storages, such as more than 100 email inboxes for, 16.67 $, unmetered bandwidth, 20 $ billed every month, and one month on the yearly plan.

what is media temple web hosting?

Media Temple is a web host, that is entirely developer-friendly providing numerous plans from AWS cloud in order to manage and handle VPS plan and word press. The customer support of the media temple is complete when it comes to scope and is produced by the technical staff in-house. I know here the question that arises in your mind is how does the platform of media temple perform activities? Has the purchase of media temple by GoDaddy assumed their own products? So, take a look below and find out how does it performs activities. There we go.

It is a fact that media temple could look a little expensive if we compared with the other company argue that you are receiving extra valuable as well. The clustered server architecture of the media temple offers you a scalable, faster, and more reliable hosting program than others. Such as, even though the shared hosting comprises a 99.99% guarantee of uptime, and the media temple company provides you 24/ 7 best support from its agents (US-based) through social media platforms and physical meetings such as tickets, phone chat, Twitter, etc.

Best features of media temple:

When it comes to the shared hosting then in that case Media temple provides three top-notch various packages, which may include ultimate, maximum, and deluxe. All the above-described names of the three plans are available with the hosted websites, countless storage, bandwidth. However, they may differ in CPU, Databases, RAM, accounts of FTP, and some other little differences as well. But all the three plans share the best following features in common. So, take a look below and find what are those features.

cPanel control panel

Installatron 1-click installer

99.9% uptime guarantee

SSD storage

SSH access

24/7 network monitoring (DDoS protection)

cPanel control panel

As we all know that all of the hosting plans for the media temple are available with the famous cPanel control panel. This cPanel control panel has the management of a user-friendly interface and various useful and beneficial tools for its users. With the help of the cPanel control panel, you could be able to simply handle and manage all various ways of your website. Without any need for the advanced and latest technical skills.

Installatrons 1 click installer:

Media temple comprises the cPanel control panel with installation 1 click installer. Here I want to add my personal experience that I prioritize the latest up-to-date installer. For instance: installations, softaculous, it’s easy to use makes them best sufficient alternative installations permit you in order to simply install essentially CMS applications for instance word press with only one click.

SSD storage:

The SSD storage of the media temple uses all of its plans. Instead of using the traditional old HHD storage, the media temple uses SSD storage. And to be very honest it works best. When it comes in order to processing data then SSD storage has a faster speed. This speed of the SSD storage of media temple affects the loading times of the website, entire performance, and stability.

Pricing of the media temple:

The prices of media temple are think about very costly if we compare to the average American and international marketers. I have known numerous hosting providers that provide much more features at very cheap rates.

Live chat 24/7

The customer support of the media temple connects with their customers all the time. If we say that they connect to their customers 24/7 then it is not wrong. Media temple connects with different platforms like Twitter, phone call chat, and support tickets as well. Whenever I have some difficulty I use the live chat and they respond currently. But sometimes it happens that the option of live chat is unavailable so in that case, you have to fill a contact form. I guess it is not a big deal.

Media temple: Money back guarantee of thirty days:

Media temple comes up with a thirty-day of money-back guarantee. It happens sometimes that you are not satisfied with the features of any web hosting. Then in that case you could give back your account to the company under the days of thirty.

In the media temple, web hosting does not matter any plan you choose. You could pay on both methods either yearly and monthly. So in this manner, you could save money on the annual contract. Money back guarantee of thirty days could be able to back all the plans to you.

Online selling and security.

If you are in the field of marketing and want to sell any product online then in that case media temple web hosting is the perfect tool for you that you ever need in your life. One of the famous e-commerce application named as Magento, it helps you in order to create a beautiful and eye-catching store for you within a few minutes, by dropping and dragging elements website. It has been noticed that Magento has more flexibility than other 1 and 1 online stores when in terms of design options and colors, however, with the help of flexibility it is available always an extra layer of complexity and creation that demands much of your time.

Uptime Guarantees of Media Temple

Media temple of Website uptime is a crucial part of the experience in web hosting. If your website slows down, then in that case customers or clients would be impotent in order to access or find your service and product. It is worst for the engine of search rankings and the view of your business by the perception of your clients. The website must be approachable. The supplier is responsible for this. In order to choose the best and trustworthy supplier, you have to pay attention in order to what uptime guarantee they offer.

Site Migration of Media Temple

In case if you need in order to migrate your content and site, the professional suppliers will be glad in order to help you out. As soon as the media temple gets your request via a special form on the site, they would contact you in only one business day. The entire process of migration time would depend upon the complexity and the size of your website however the reviews of media temple hosting, really go fast.

How the solution of Media Temple’s is Different?

The solution of the media temple is different as compared to the other companies. You can check the percentage of resources of  CPU you are using. For instance, if you use it to a greater extent than a normal amount for a particular time, then they will close your site. And I know this is very bad if it happens, as you are new and right now try to build something and it might be possible that cost you more money.

GPUs, but not CPUs

Media temple works in another way, it calculated GOU’s rather than the CPU. These are the processing units for graphics. You would be given in order to start with the 2000 GPUs.

For suppose if you have points, it does not matter, offering you keep inside the limit of  GPU, in case if you use more then you will be responsible to bill for it, however, your website would keep up.

When to Use Media Temple

It is occasional where a supplier is ideal for both large and as well as small business projects. If your website needs the best performance, then this supplier would definitely provide you the excellent capacity of its servers. This is sufficient power in order to cover the requirements of your business blog and a small store (online).

When Not to Use Media Temple

As we all know that hosting options are sufficient for any website. There are no barriers to the hosted websites. Yet, we do not suggest placing stores (online) in order to sell banned substances, and this relates to any supplier. If your website is blocked then there are so many reasons behind it, as per reviews of the media temple, you would lose the outcomes of your attempts.

Hosting Plans and Types

Media temple has different plans for small businesses, hobbyists, and companies.

Shared Hosting: It is Low-Cost and Manages

There is a total of three grid plans shared, each of the single plans has its own variables and likeliest. The meaning of shared hosting is you are distributing server space with other sites. This inclines in order to be the most reasonable way of hosing specifically for the small business.

Shared hosting plan of media hosting comprises:

  1. The Grid experts handle and manage and everything.
  2. Clustered servers are, particularly for higher performance.
  3. automatic backups are available for 30 days.
  4. SSD (solid-state drive) storage is for higher reliability and speed.
  5. page loading is fast.
  6. intrusion protection and DDoS
  7. Security: Malware alerts and a tool in order to erase them.
  8. Global CDN is a network of content delivery that higher the speed of your website loading.
  9. firewall by Sucuri and Advanced security.

Hosting Options VPS: Unmanaged and Managed

VPS stands for the virtual private server. In VPS hosting, there is also a mid-level hosting option. It provides few of the affordability of shared hosting besides the scaling options and control in order to grow the requirement of small businesses.

Media Temple provides three VPS plans of hostings: managing it yourself, fully managed, and partly managed. This option is feasible for startups who need less crowded or dedicated servers because of lots of visitors every day.