The majority of the people know of Namecheap as a management service and domain registration. However, they also provide services of web hosting. Namecheap was founded in 2000, it is beginning by providing the perfect services for customers and value-priced domains. In today’s world, they have such a great number of trusted customers of about 3 million and they handle more than 11 million domains. Woah…

Namecheap Web Hosting Reviews

In this article which is a comprehensive guide of Namecheap web hosting review, you will definitely find all the best information about this best and low-cost hosting provider and the great services it provides. To be very honest I personally have bought a plan, and in this article, I am sharing my views on Namecheap with all of you. In this article, I will talk about the performance, prices, features, customer service, security, and many more features of Namecheap. I came up with all of my reviews so that all of my readers know what in order to expect.

This article is entirely unbiased, and I am completely honest with all of you. I use Namecheap however not for the hosting service. But for the domains. Namecheap is included in one of the greatest domain administrators on the market, and I have been buying my personal domains there for a very long period of time. Furthermore, I always went anywhere else for the services when it comes to hosting. Yes, this is true. Besides hosting Namecheap web is best.

What features Namecheap Web Hosting offers:

Following are the best features offers by the Namecheap Web Hosting. So, do not waste your time and take a look below at what Namecheap Web Hosting actually offers.

Free Migration and Domain

Namecheap shines when it comes to domain names. So it means that they will greatly toss only one in, in case if you sign up specifically for the hosting plan. However, Namecheap Web Hosting is free only for the beginner year, which means free only for the first year. After one year, you would definitely have to pay the price of the domain such as 7.89 per year.

Good Uptime – 99.95%

Uptime is included in one of the most fundamental principles in order to observe for in a host and it is something amazing that we test always. One of the great news is that Namecheap produced a solid 99.95% uptime while the last 12 months.

Decent Load Time 421 ms

Well after the uptime, one of the essential principles is speed. The reason behind this is very crucial so that speed is directly connected with the happiness of clients. Recently google found that the chances of somebody bounce rises more than 100% in case if your pages take a time up to six seconds in order to load. Namecheap is able to post a decent load time of 421 MS over the last 12 months, which simply receives a pat from our side.

Fully Loaded Value Plan of Namecheap

Till now we have given reviews to the majority of hosts. However, for every single one, we usually sign up for the most simple plan in order to set up our website test.  Well, the reason behind this is dual:

The first reason is we want the results of these reviews on the basis of real statistical data and real performance figures.

The second reason is the majority of the simple level plans at every company which providing hosting are quite the same.

In order words, if we say that this permits us to compare apples to apples. Then every shared proposal is quite the same, with the similar features provided on each.

Well, Namecheap literally amazed us, though.

Third-Party Reviews of Namecheap are beyond the expectations

Well, the reviews which are recorded for the Namecheap web hosting are excellent. we are not assumed if only a user says it is good. One review is not enough in order to judge the correct performance of the Namecheap web hosting. We have reviewed the majority of reviews and got an amazing result. If we say that Namecheap web hosting always gets the best reviews from a third party then it is not wrong.

Trusted Brand:

Namecheap has been almost for more than 20 years and now is no unknown to the modern world of hosting. Hosting customers with more than three million under its wing, well Namecheap is doing something good. I know right. You could trust this. Literally, they have done amazing work out a great number of twists and nowadays have a genuinely perfect product.

Great simple Plan:

If you have looked ever for web hosting, it might be possible that you know what the basic plans with approximately any supplier provide the simple minimum. Namecheap serves as the best beginning place for all those newbies to the websites. However in case if you need many more besides your hosting than the place in order to park your site, the simple minimum plans might not be sufficient.

Fast Load Time:

Well, it is a fact that no one really wants the order to hear the theme song of jeopardy during they sit impatiently and wait for a site in order to load. In case of a website takes over than 4 to 5 seconds then there is nearly one hundred percent guarantee that those individuals would abandon the assignment and move towards another website. As per Google, a website must load and open in less than three to four seconds whenever you open a new website. But you are supposed to aim for fewer.

Let us talk about the hosting of Namecheap:

As further as hosting goes, Namecheap has an astonishing detailed set of choices: reseller, shared, WordPress, and devoted hosting server are all accessible.

If you are just like me, you would require shared hosting in order to be Namecheap’s chief point of attraction. That is all, reasonable hosting looks like it will be naturally the strength of Namecheap.

The pricing package of Namecheap

Namecheap has efficient their pricing package from four points to three. These three points include: stellar hosting of package renews, stellar plus hosting package renews, and stellar business hosting package renews. One by one we will describe all these three.

Stellar hosting package renews:

Stellar hosting package renews is $33.88 yearly, after a great discount in the first year at $1.18 every month – owed in a payment of $14.16.

Stellar Plus hosting package renews:

Stellar Plus hosting package renews is $57.88 yearly after a great discount in the first year at $1.98 every month – owed in a payment of $23.76.

Stellar Business hosting package renews:

Stellar Business hosting package renews is $104.88 yearly after a great discount in the first year at $4.80 every month – owed in a payment of $57.88.

Free email accounts

Namecheap provides all hosting plans, for Stellar 30 email accounts, countless email accounts for Stellar Business, and Stellar Plus.

How is Security being Handled?

Following is a list of different ways in which Namecheap security is handled to provide hosting services.

Leech Protect”

It allows you in order to set the huge number of logins that could occur in two periods of an hour. It secures your website. Namecheap normally makes its personal backups of your website.


this provides add-on service backup, monitoring, and services of restoration.

SSL certificates

they are available in order to ensure the safety of your websites. SSL certificates to aid in order to protect your confidential data (consisting of credit card information) from being snatched.

Who is Guard

It disappears your email, address, name, and contact number. In this way, this stops spammers, marketing companies, and hackers from communicating with you or retrieving your data.

The Types of plans and hosting

Namecheap provides a great variety of types of plans and hosting, initiating with shared hosting.

Shared Hosting

There are 3 plans in order to choose from. It is almost 3 websites on the shortest plan where the greatest offer site 1 and restricted on the huge plan. Subdomain starts from unlimited. Numerous databases, email accounts, autoresponders, and as well as email forwarding accounts depend upon the choice of plan. Shared hosting has a great amount of space in the disc. Furthermore, a long list of so many features that commonly compare in order to other suppliers.

VPS Hosting

In the Namecheap, there are two plans of VPS in order to select from.

In the VPS hosting you may get anything the shared plans provide and a great more as well. All the plans are simple to downgrade and upgrade when it is necessary. In the VPS hosting you will get greater priority support service, getting answers forward of people on the shared plans. In phoenix, the VPS plans are hosted on fast networks. So in this manner, the speed of page are fast, usually faster as compared to the dedicated servers offered by different hosting companies.

Dedicated Servers of Namecheap web hosting

There are a lot of numerous plans in order to meet your wants ad needs. Free migration and same-day setup. In this way, you will get each and everything easily available in the VPS plans and shared. However, few qualities might be huge. All these plans are perfect for websites with a great number of site traffic. If you have your personal service so you could choose in order to do it all by yourself or have Namecheap in order to manage it for you. its price perfectly suits all the budgets.

Reseller Plans of Namecheap

In the Namecheap, you could be able to earn income via a plan of selling and a plan of the reseller to your client’s base and the other individual you know. The disc space of the reseller plan depends upon the three plans you could choose. While on the other hand, the unmetered bandwidth is available with all the plans. It has unknown servers of names so in this way, nobody would be able to know who you are and you are reselling the services as well. Completely priority of support is available in order to help with each and every single aspect of the process. Reseller plans of the Namecheap have sub-domains and unlimited domains.